Charcoal Teeth Whitening Products

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Products

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Products

There are 7 kinds OF charcoal, namely:
Wood charcoal
Sawdust charcoal
Rice husk charcoal
Coconut shell charcoal
Charcoal litter
Charcoal briquettes
Fruit skin is charcoal mahogany
But, along with the berkembanganya of the age did not cover the possibility of going to the emergence of new types of charcoal.

The Use Of Charcoal
In ancient times the charcoal is used as a replacement for gunpowder. What is gunpowder? Black powder or gunpowder is an explosive made of a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, which burn very fast and propellant in firearms and Fireworks.

Coking, commonly used to burn food outdoors and while camping. The use of charcoal for cooking food indoors has a dangerous risk on health, because carbon monoxide is generated.

Charcoal may also be used as fuel in motor vehicles. Charcoal or wood is burned in a wood gas generator is used to drive the car and a bus. In France during World War II, the production of wood and charcoal for motor vehicles increased from 50,000 tons before the war be 500,000 tons in 1943.

In the field of Visual Arts are also often used for charcoal pencils or crayons. The media is widely used for sketching in size large or medium that requires a strong sketch lines, such as the canvas. As a fine arts medium, charcoal sold in the form of bullion. Due to its soft, light, black, and charcoal is very easily broken, endeared the painter in the sketch because the resulting sketch very clearly, even in the process of painting though.

Whiten teeth with charcoal
We might’ve used to use charcoal for cooking purposes, whether at home or when the tent. But, what if we make use of charcoal to whiten teeth? It is so opposite, using something black to produce something that is white.

When surfing the dumay, I myself also confused, as many find the dental health articles that recommend the charcoal (without explanatory of what type) as a teeth whitener. Whether such methods with scientific background or just simply saying the A, the B, the C until he said The Z I also do not know.

This was just the view + questions in the liver (admin). Could it be the intention of the charcoal is charcoal from the materials that are used for bersirih/menyirih (betel leaves, betel nuts, Gambier, and lime) or from any other materials which are already trusted and examined, nine for example?

Hmmm, how Sob? After reading some of the above description does PAL have another view (scientific reasons) which could possibly provide solutions not only in the admin, but also on other readers

Does Toothpaste than Charcoal?
Before I post about this theme, I have never berpikirang about the existence of the basic ingredients of toothpaste with charcoal. But, after a few days because of the curious often find articles/posts about whiten teeth with charcoal. Finally I try to search on google with the keyword “Charcoal Toothpaste”, and how the result sob? It turns out loads of toothpaste products with the basic ingredients of charcoal, especially from Japan and China.

Well, maybe that last bit of solution from the admin. But, before don’t forget to always consult a dentist on a regular PAL believes, when this toothpaste will wear or when buddy will apply the whitening and dental care methods with the use of charcoal.

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