Does Breast Cancer Hurt

Does Breast Cancer Hurt

Does Breast Cancer Hurt

Breast pain often raises concerns.  what is the cause?

Pain in the breast or mastalgia can be felt in the top of the outer breast and radiates to armpits and arms. No need to worry excessively when experiencing pain in the breast, as this does not increase the risk of breast cancer. In addition, breast cancer is also usually have other symptoms, not just a pain.

The usual complained of pain is pain that stabbed or feels taut on the breast. This kind of pain is usually felt only a few days for example before or during menstruation, for one week or more in a month.

There are several causes that generally trigger pain in the breast, of which:

does breast cancer hurt under armpit

does breast cancer hurt under armpit

The menstrual cycle.
Generally breast pain related menstrual cycle was felt three days before menstruation and will improve after the menstruation is complete, although the intensity of the pain can vary each month. This type of pain called cyclic breast pain.

Generally women experienced mastitis breastfeeding that causes breast pain and swelling due to inflammation.

Lump in the breast.
Breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous) can arise so as to trigger the pain.

Abscess on the breast.
I.e. formation of pus collection inside the breast.

does breast cancer hurt your arm

does breast cancer hurt your arm

Injury of other parts of the body
Breast pain can be caused by injury of other parts of the body such as muscle injury around the chest.

Several types of drugs, antidepressants or antipsychotic antifungal likely cause pain.

Breast size.
Women with large breast size may experience breast pain, and the pain can get to the neck, shoulders and back.

Fatty acid imbalance.
The possibilities can affect sensitivity of breast tissue to the circulation of hormones.

Breast surgery.
Pain after breast surgery can be felt longer to most women.

does breast cancer pain come and go

does breast cancer pain come and go

How To Resolve
About 30 percent of women experience cyclic breast pain improvement after three of the menstrual cycle and without any treatment. But indeed, this pain could relapse.
There are several things you can do to relieve the pain in breasts without medicine, among others, using the appropriate bra, reduce foods containing saturated fat, reduce your intake of caffeine and smoking cessation. You can also use warm water or cold compresses.

If needed, you can be taking paracetamol, ibuprofen, or aspirin to help relieve the pain. However, for women under 20 years of age, should avoid the consumption of aspirin because it can increase the risk of Reye’s syndrome. When taking any medication, look at the label on the packaging to dosage and usage.

If you are pregnant or are planning a middle pregnancy, consult in advance with the doctor before taking any medication.

Severe pain in the breast or persisted until more than three weeks, you should consult with a doctor.

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