Oral Acne Medication

Oral Acne Medication

Oral Acne Medication

Acne can be painful, both literally as well as figuratively. It’s hard to feel confident with a face full of acne.

Fortunately, there are many Oral Acne Medication are sold freely to treat skin problems. In America, the turnover in the industry is a great acne cures, to reach 2 billion dollars, according to data for the year 2005.
Oral Acne Medication is considered effective due to able to overcome acne directly to the root. These drugs work by tackling bacteria that clog follicles so the improvements will be visible within four to six weeks.

However, what is Oral Acne Medication safe? Are there any side effects that accompany it?

Types of Oral Acne Medication


oral acne medication australia

oral acne medication australia

1. Antibiotics

For moderate to severe acne, the granting of short-term oral antibiotics were able to reduce bacteria and fight inflammation.

Antibiotics such as doxycycline has anti-inflammatory properties but can cause abdominal pain, so patients are encouraged to drink this medicine after meals.

Other side effects, doxycycline may also result in sensitivity to the Sun.

Another antibiotic for acne is minocycline which tend to be more friendly to the stomach.

Because patients may develop antibiotic resistance, treatment is usually performed for a short time, with no more than three to four months.

oral acne medication accutane

oral acne medication accutane

Various antibiotics for Acne can also decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

So be sure to consult a physician before doing this treatment.

2. Isotretinoin

For severe acne (deep cysct), antibiotics may not be powerful enough.

Isotretinoin is a strong drug available to treat acne scarring Cyst (cystic acne scarring) who do not respond to other treatments.

Accutane is a common form of isotretinoin, but has withdrawn from many countries because of the controversy over the issue of mental health related issues due to the use of this drug.

oral acne medication amazon

oral acne medication amazon

Isotretinoin is primarily used for patients who did not catch fire after trying other treatments. An estimated 1 out of every 20 patients needing acne medication.

Most patients see improvement after consuming isotretinoin for approximately four months.

Dermatologists agree the drug is very effective, but should be used with caution.

Isotretinoin was associated with various side effects like Sun sensitivity, anxiety, and fetal birth defects.

Doctors also should always conduct surveillance against a possible incidence of symptoms of side effects.

Examination of blood once a month may be required to ensure there are no adverse effects to patients.

prescription acne medication accutane

prescription acne medication accutane

3. Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives, including the combination of norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol, can prevent acne in women, especially when appear around menstrual periods.

Hormonal birth control pill components capable of menyusutkan the size of the glands that produce sebum, an oily substance that causes acne.

Women who have acne distribution around the mouth, are more likely to experience acne caused by hormonal flukstuasi so that birth control pills can help prevent it.

Oral contraceptives may cause various side effects such as headache, breast pain, and nausea, though such complaints are rare.

prescription acne medication adults

prescription acne medication adults

4. Spironolactone

If you do not want to take hormone treatment such as birth control pills, spironolactone could be used to treat hormonal acne.

This drug has an effect on hair follicles and make the bacteria that cause acne be hunger.

Side effects that may arise including increased levels of potassium, decreased blood pressure, an irregular menstrual cycle and breast pain.

Because the drug is diuretic, users should be careful when exercising in hot weather so as not to experience dehydration.

Study showed spironolactone relatively safe for long term use. A complaint related to this drug use are rare.

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